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Micro Financing

Business cash flow solutions in 5 days. Financing up to RM100,000.

Term Financing

Clean business financing up to 

RM1.5 Million, no collateral required.

Invoice Financing

Convert your Invoices into cash. Financing up to RM2 Million or 80% of invoice value.

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Unsecured business financing
up to RM1 Million

Financing disbursement
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Micro Financing

Business cash flow within 5 days.

Up to

RM 100,000
  • 2 mins application

  • Approval within 2 working days

  • No collateral required

Term Financing

Funds for working capital.

Up to

RM1 Million
  • Up to 24 months

  • Flexible repayment options

  • No collateral required

Invoice Financing

Convert your Invoices into cash.

Finance up to

80% of invoice value or RM2 Million
  • Receive cash upfront for your invoices

  • Tenure of 30, 60, 90 or 120 days

  • No collateral required

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