Our Commitment Towards Impact and Sustainable Growth of MSMEs in the Region

Sustainability at Funding Societies Malaysia

At Funding Societies Malaysia, we believe that impact and sustainability are two vital considerations in the way we do business. We have set out on a journey to ensure that we consider ESG aspects in our operations while supporting SMEs that are also on a journey towards sustainability. Our vision is to conduct business responsibly and to empower SMEs to conduct business responsibly. 

Considering the environment and society is valuable to us, as we believe that it is our moral obligation to promote sustainable development of the planet and support the well-being of individuals for future generations. Since we provide financing, we are able to influence this flow of money into businesses or projects that contribute to sustainability. Our core value of “Focus on Impact” also reflects the reason why we believe that ESG integration is key to building a sustainable future with a positive impact on society. We want to ensure we create a positive impact, not only financially, but also environmentally and socially.

At Funding Societies Malaysia we believe that we have a role to conduct business responsibly and in line with the triple-bottom-line approach. We aim to find a balance between economic, environmental, and social factors both within our internal operations as well as in our financing activities. 

We have identified three key sustainability themes where we will prioritise our sustainability initiatives: Climate Change, Circular Economy and SDGs and Inclusion. We understand that we are all on a journey towards sustainability - some are more mature in their activities while others are only just starting up. Regardless of what sustainability stage SMEs are in, we want to support SMEs that are also making notable contributions in these areas.

Accessible  loan opportunities for women entrepreneurs

Empowering Funding Societies | Modalku female employees - Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Programme (IDE) & #MakingHerStory training

Employees’ education on bank and resources knowledge

Educating our audience on the Sustainable Development Goals

FSMK Economic Impact Report | Of the 73 million MSMEs in Southeast Asia, around 39 million (51%) are either unserved or underserved by financing services- which led to a financing gap of US$272 billion, despite their potential MSMEs to provide significant employment opportunities and contribute tremendously to national Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

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We are committed to ensuring we align with globally recognised principles for our corporate sustainability efforts. As part of the UN Global Compact,  we are committed to the 10 principles covering the areas of labour, human rights, environment, and anti-corruption joining other global companies as frontrunners in sustainability.

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We are committed to being a part of global initiatives that include the United Nations Global Compact for our corporate sustainability efforts, the Business 20 (B20) for the Finance and Infrastructure Task Force, and the Woman in Business Action Council which includes One Global Women Empowerment (OGWE).

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We continually support women empowerment for strong and capable women working at Funding Societies | Modalku as a  part of our initiative to create awareness for Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity. Some examples of the initiatives we have include a program dedicated to women in leadership; a campaign to call out and break bias in the workplace; and a workshop to empower women and underrepresented groups to speak openly about their accomplishments. 

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